4 Sneaky Foods That Destroy Your Weight Loss Goals

4 Sneaky Foods That Destroy Your Weight Loss Goals

When you’re trying to live the TRU Muscle lifestyle, you have to know the real from the fake. A major part of that starts with knowing what you eat and how to eat.

As you start to clean up your eating habits, you’ll get influences from other people and certain companies when they’re advertising their food products on television and elsewhere. However, you have to beware. Some of those foods that get pitched around a lot as “healthy” are actually nothing but dietary saboteurs that will throw you off your weight loss path.

In this segment of my TRU Muscle lifestyle journal, I’m going to identify four of these deceptively advertised “healthy foods.” This should help you determine that these dietary products are just high-calorie imposters that have little to no nutritional value. If anything, some of these foods will make you gain more weight, not lose it.

Let me break down the real deal.

1. Granola products.

Great, big food-producing corporations like Nature Valley and its parent company General Mills have worked overtime to bamboozle people into believing that all food products made with granola are the holy grail of healthy dieting. Don’t be fooled!

According to a report by a food and lifestyle publication called The Daily Meal, a single bowl of store-bought granola cereal has more sugar in it than a cupcake with frosting. Also, those granola bars are no better. They might contain healthy elements like fiber and other helpful vitamins and minerals.

However, there are about 25 grams of sugar for every cup of crumbled granola bars. Consuming too much sugar is very hazardous to your health. Oatmeal with fresh fruit is a healthier alternative to cold granola cereal and milk. Remember, you can get all the important nutrients you need without consuming sugar, which has ZERO nutritional value.

2. Protein bars.

Protein bars are another false-flagging food product that are often marketed as a healthier alternative to candy bars like Snickers. Protein bars satisfy the taste buds, and they’re easy meal substitutions that can provide quick energy. But if you’re serious about trying to lose weight, protein bars are a no-no.

They contain a lot of the same ingredients that are in those toxic chocolate candy bars, such as hydrogenated vegetable oil and high fructose corn syrup. If you have to consume a protein bar out of convenience, make sure you read the nutrition facts carefully and steer clear of those red flag ingredients. Also, choose a protein bar that has a calorie count below 200.

3. Dried fruits.

Dried fruits, such as raisins are always pitched as a healthy alternative to candy and other sweet, sugary food products. People figure because they’re consuming a fruit that they’re putting something into their body that has nutritional value. But here’s the thing.

During the manufacturing and packaging process, these food corporations will chemically alter the dried fruit in order to enhance taste and appearance. Some of the most commonly used additives are sulfur dioxide and acrylamide. Those sound like ingredients you could use to make a truck bomb! Fresh fruits will ALWAYS be a healthier alternative to dried fruits.

4. Smoothies.

These are a real nutrition blinder because these drinks are always pushed as healthy alternatives to milkshakes and slushies. However, the store-bought mixtures of these potions are no good, contain too much sugar, and they don’t promote weight loss. The smart thing to do here is to make your own smoothy. Make sure you use water as a base instead of milk or any other dairy product. Add fresh fruit and an unsweetened protein powder to get the real deal.


The marketing executives at these big food corporations are some really savvy individuals. They know how to make the masses believe a bunch of unproven and groundless claims about the health benefits of certain dietary products. Once you become educated though, you’ll eventually be immune to the gimmicks, sales pitches, and empty slogans these companies will send your way when they’re trying to “help you enhance your healthy lifestyle.” Around these parts, we’re trying to teach the TRUth when it comes promoting products and lifestyle choices for better living.