5 Exercises You Should Be Doing More of If You Want to Lose Weight

5 Exercises You Should Be Doing More of If You Want to Lose Weight

The formula for losing weight seems simple, right? Eat less, move around more, and the pounds will come off.

But losing weight is just one thing. Shredding fat is another. Skipping snacks and walking around the block every day will definitely help you subtract the pounds. However, it takes a dedicated, more intense exercise routine to shred body fat and keep your weight off.

Not only will doing more organized exercise at the gym help you lose pounds and eliminate body fat, but it will also help you build muscle, TRU Muscle, that is. Living at a more manageable weight, gaining flexibility, and increasing your energy level are some of the most important elements of the TRU Muscle lifestyle.

When you have these elements in your life, you feel better about yourself, and you inspire those around you. Here are five exercises you can do anytime that will help you lose weight, burn fat, and get it out the muscle.

1. Strength-Intensive Exercises.

These kind of bodyweight-focused exercises are the original classic fat-shredding activities. There are several exercises that fall under this category. You probably did a lot of them as a kid when you were in your physical education classes. Chin-ups (with your palms facing inward), pull-ups (with your palms facing outward), push-ups, squats, and lunges are all good weight loss exercises to do in the beginning stages of your journey. Your reps should be set by a trainer and based on your individual level of endurance.

2. Cardio-Intensive Exercises.

Cardio-intensive, bodyweight-focused exercises are definitely great weapons to have in your arsenal while battling the bulge. High knees fall under this category and are great exercises to do. When you’re doing them though, make sure you’re pumping your arms to get your knees to their highest point. Drop squats without weights are also good ones. When you’re doing these always move your arms behind you with speed at the bottom of the squat. Also, your arms have to be straight at this point for the drop squat to work.

3. Core-Intensive Exercises.

There are several bodyweight-focused exercises that fall under the core-intensive category. These exercises work the abdominal section, which can be where an increased amount of fat forms after men and women reach a certain age. This is because men’s bodies produce lower amounts of testosterone and women’s bodies produce lower amounts of estrogen.

More fat will form on your body around this time even if you’re not gaining much weight. But v-ups, bicycle crunches, scissor crunches, and side planks are great workouts you can do to help you drop off pounds around the midsection, which is where the most stubborn fat on the body is. Doing efficient core-intensive exercises also help you increase your balance.

4. Jumping rope.

The good ol’ jump rope is another simple but effective weapon to use in your battle against the bulge. You’re working your full body out when you’re doing the jump rope exercise. It’s also giving you the opportunity to create better reaction time and increase your overall stamina. The jump rope is a great calorie burning tool you can use at your own convenience while exercising.

5. Swimming.

Bringing out your inner aquatic being by swimming is another great way to lose weight. Did you know that swimming can help you burn 750 calories per hour? Not only that, it’s fun to do. If you don’t like to run or jog on hard surfaces (which can cause pain), replace your fat-burning potential with a nice dip in the pool. It’s a relaxing and athletic activity that can really get you results.


Once again, there you have it. This edition of the TRU Muscle journal gave you five kinds of exercises that can be done to help you while you’re on your weight loss journey. Gaining strength, building your endurance level, tightening your core, increasing your level of equilibrium, and killing the calories are all steps you have to take on this journey.

However, I’m not about to tell you that this journey will be an easy one. The TRU Muscle lifestyle takes all that you have in you if you really want to live it. But the ability to inspire is one of the main reasons why I’m here. Stay tuned for more about how you can get it out the muscle. Big Court is adjourned.